Firth Fisher aka Castlereagh

Firth Fisher aka Castlereagh
Firth Fisher aka Castlereagh   
Dive Category Wreck
Dive Type Band 28
Max. depth: 36 (M)
Trip Time: 2H :00M

Type of vessel - Steam Coaster

How sunk - Floundered in heavy seas

Former names - Firth Fisher

Wreck height - 5m

Max Depth - 36m
Tonnage - 443
Length - 168
Date sunk - 22/23 Feb 1925

This wreck was positively identified when the bell was found by a diver in 1967 with the name Firth Fisher. When she sank she was named Castlereagh although she is known locally as the Firth Fisher. The vessel was last seen transporting a consignment of coal along the South coast where she was reported lost after being sighted off Prawle Point in South Devon. On March 1 1925 two bodies were washed up at Freshwater on the Isle of Wight.

Her bows stand 5 metres off the bottom, but her stern is rather more broken. Around the wreck the seabed consists of rocky ground. She is only 500m from the Kyarra and is upright, almost intact and always full of fish.