Empire Crusader

Empire Crusader
Empire Crusader  
Dive Category Wreck
Dive Type Band 50
Max. depth: 39 (M)
Trip Time: 5H :30M

Minimum number of divers: 10

Max Depth - 39m
Tonnage - 1980
Length - 270
Date sunk - 12 Feb 1918
Type of vessel - Steamship
How sunk - Air raid by Luftwaffe
Former names - SS Leander
Wreck height - 6m

The Empire Crusader was part of a convoy CW9 in which 7 ships and 10 Hurricane fighters were lost. 3 ships sunk off the Sussex coast by fast German E-boats. The Ajax, Borealis, Coquetdale and Empire Crusader were all sank on the 8th August 1940 by German aircraft in a tale in which many lives were lost. She was travelling from Seaham for Devonport with a cargo of 1020 tons of coal.

The wreck lies on her port side. The engines are covered, but one of the boilers stands up on end. The stern gun lies partly buried.