Dive Category Wreck
Dive Type Band 35
Max. depth: 40 (M)
Trip Time: 4H :00M

Minimum number of divers: 6

Type of vessel - Steam ship
How sunk - Torpedoed
Former names - None
Wreck height - 7m
Max Depth - 42m
Tonnage - 3659
Length - 350 feet
Date sunk - 20 Jul 1917

Travelling from New York to London via Plymouth with 6100 tons of cargo the Fluent when torpedoed by the mine laying U-boat UC-65. All 29 crew evacuated successfully.

The wreck lies over to starboard and the forward holds appear to be stuffed full of projectiles, but they are in fact round cornered billets. The 3 large boilers are the most prominent and are the highest parts of the wreck.
The Fleunt was dived for many years as the wreck of the Hazelwood.