Acheron HMS

Acheron HMS
Acheron HMS  
Dive Category Wreck
Dive Type Band 50
Max. depth: 40 (M)
Trip Time: 5H :30M

Minimum number of divers:10

Max Depth - 40m
Tonnage - 1350
Length - 101m
Date sunk - 17 Dec 1940
Type of vessel - British Acasta class destroyer
How sunk - Struck a mine
Former names - None
Wreck height - 8m

While taking part in speed trials she is presumed to have struck a mine layed by the Luftwaffe. Only 19 men from her 215 crew survived.

The wreck lies in two parts approx a quarter of a mile apart. The bow sits vertically with the stern pointing towards the surface. The stern section sits upright, but a times is largely buried by shifting sands.