Dive Category Wreck
Dive Type Band 45
Max. depth: 45 (M)
Trip Time: 4H :30M

Minimum number of divers: 10

Max Depth - 45m
Tonnage - 2318
Length - 283
Date sunk - 21 Jul 1940
Type of vessel - Steam Ship
How sunk - Bombed by German aircraft
Former names - None
Wreck height - 6m

Travelling from Southampton for Sydney via Milford Haven in ballast Terlings and the convoy of ships she was with were attacked by German aircraft. Terlings was hit 9 times and sank very quickly 18 of her crew were picked up by destroyers.

The wreck lies in 40m, but there is a scour amidships where 45m can be found. The bow lies over to port and is largely buried, but from the boilers to the stern the wreck is upright. The gun is still in the stern.