Pin wreck

Pin wreck
Pin wreck  
Dive Category Wreck
Dive Type Band 35
Max. depth: 27 (M)
Trip Time: 3H :30M

Minimum number of divers: 6

Max Depth - 27m
Tonnage - Unknown
Length - Unknown
Date sunk - Unknown
Type of vessel - Wooden steam vessel
How sunk - Unknown
Former names - Unknown
Wreck height - 3m

The true identity of this large wooden wreck is completely unknown. Known locally as the Pin wreck due to the large bronze pins (bearing an admiralty mark) that held the vessel together. Thought to have sunk sometime between 1855 and 1900.

Only found in the 1990s the wreck is largely flattened, with her boiler and machinery being the highest parts. There are 2 tanks in the aft section of the hull. Two anchors lie at the bow. One of them is partly buried.