Ernest Legouvre

Ernest Legouvre
Ernest Legouvre  
Dive Category Wreck
Dive Type Band 50
Max. depth: 42 (M)
Trip Time: 5H :00M

Minimum number of divers: 10

Max Depth - 42m
Tonnage - 2246
Length - 276
Date sunk - 05 Apr 1917
Type of vessel - Steel sailing barque
How sunk - Torpedoed
Former names - None
Wreck height - 7m

The unarmed large sailing barque Ernest Legouve was in tow by the tug Joffre presumably due to lack of wind. She was sailing from North fleet for Buenos Aires with a cargo of cement. Without warning the German U-boat UB-32 fired a torpedo which struck the Ernest legouve. She sank quickly taking 20 of her 24 crew with her.
The wreck lies half over the starboard. Many barrels are evident in the wreckage and some have spilled out onto the seabed.