Dive Category Wreck
Dive Type Band 55
Max. depth: 57 (M)
Trip Time: 5H :00M

Max Depth - 57m
Tonnage - 5149
Length - 416
Date sunk - 23 Dec 1944
Type of vessel - Steam ship
How sunk - Torpedoed
Former names - None
Wreck height - 11 - 12m

Travelling from Gibraltar for St Helens Roads with a cargo of 8258 tons of iron ore. The valuable Dumfries was struck by a single torpedo fired by U-772. All 67 crew and 2 passengers abandoned the vessel. No loss of life.

The Dumfries is a very substantial wreck. She leans the starboard. Her port side rises 11 - 12 metres off the rock and shingle seabed. Her engine is exposed and her stern gun lies on the seabed just off the wreck.