Braedale SS

Braedale SS
Braedale SS  
Dive Category Wreck
Dive Type Band 40
Max. depth: 40 (M)
Trip Time: 3H :30M

Minimum number of divers: 6

Type of vessel - Steam Coaster
How sunk - Foundered in heavy weather
Former names - Bessie Barr
Wreck height - 5m
Max Depth - 40m
Tonnage - 406
Length - 142
Date sunk - 16 Oct 1932

The steam coaster Braedale was travelling from Dieppe for Bristol with a cargo of apples. She developed a leak apparently due to a fracture of the stern tube. Despite pumping the crew were unable to save the Braedale and took to 2 lifeboats in the early hours of the morning. They finally made it to shore the following afternoon after rowing through rough seas with a lifeboat half full of water.

She now lies on her starboard side and her bow section is almost upside down.